Office Shield

Data in any organization is integral and key asset to the business it functions. Organizations need to evolve from a tactical perspective to a more strategic, holistic approach with their data security. Insider data theft has become one of the key enterprise security issues across the globe which experts are tackling nowadays. Implementation of current methods of security controls at the perimeter and endpoint level continue to prove insufficient against insider threats as traditional rule based methods cannot be directly applied on them. Keeping in mind the complexity of these threats, Data Resolve has come up with an insider threat management suite which proactively analyses the employee’s behavior patterns along with setting up controls in order to prevent data leakage.

How ANONET Office Shield can help?

ANONET Office Shield business is an application that help you to achieve full control over all the organization computer by minimizing possibility of data theft across the enterprise network while maintaining relevant data access through device and network access control, simultaneously blocking all kinds of unauthorized removable media devices, websites, and applications like chat and VoIP that can lead to data loss.

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